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R&R Writing Services
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When words fail you it’s time for R&R Writing Services.

If you’re a business then you the aim of writing is ultimately to bring in more income. This means creating content that is clear and compelling. Content that sets you apart as an expert, helps your customers relate to you, or helps persuade them. Well written content takes time and care. Anyone can knock out a poorly worded fluff piece or click bait headlines. If that’s all you’re after then you’re in the wrong place. If you want  someone who will work to understand what you need and take the time to get it right, then keep reading. Strategy, creativity, style and editing are all important parts of the process.

Convey your information using the style that is right for you. No bull. Just genuine copy that entertains, informs, and/or persuades.  

Why choose R&R Writing Services?

Because just isn't enough
  • Meaningful content

    If you want to be the expert in your field then your content needs to reflect this. Fluff pieces and poorly worded content will have your audience fleeing before you can send in a hasty click-bait pop-up to stop them.

  • Well crafted messages

    Your messages need to get your point across. That's why clear, engaging content is essential. Disorganised, confusing messages that don't address your viewers needs lead to... where was I again?

  • Compelling descriptions

    Nobody wants to buy a lemon. Unless they're literally shopping for lemons. Then they'll want to know how fresh and juicy your lemons really are. Make them smell that citrus scent of freshly squeezed lemon juice.

  • Strategic wording

    You can either tell someone that your product is great or you can show them. Would you still be reading if I started off by simply saying "I'm a good writer"?

When it's Words you need, it's a Wordsmith you need

R&R Writing Services provides you with the services of a wordsmith. Not sure what a wordsmith is? 

Well, think of a blacksmith. 

A blackmith refines iron and steel to forge useful tools, weapons and other items. Other smiths are similar. For example, goldsmiths and silversmiths refine precious metal into jewelry and coveted collectibles. 

In a similar veing, a wordsmith refines words. Or, perhaps more accurately, we use words and the structure of words to refine sentences. We do this through the science, and the art, of writing. This means writing in a style that ensures words are useful tooks that provide clarity, educate, entertain, or persuade. 

R&R Writing Services Copywriting to improve your bottom line
Strategic writing is an essential component of improving your bottom line

Copywriting, Content Writing, and Wordsmithing

When a business decides to hire a freelance writer they are usually looking for a copywriter or a content writer. Sometimes they’re after an editor. It’s all about having someone who knows how to partner strategy and creativity to make words do their job. So… what’s the difference? 

In a nutshell: 

Copywriters write to persuade. Content writers write to inform. Both types of writing are essential components of a well rounded business. While both styles can be done from scratch, sometimes a freelancer helps out in the capacity of an editor. An editor takes copy that you’ve already written and tightens, tweaks, dots the i’s and straightens the lines. They utilise the knowledge you provide to create a compelling written piece. 

Wordsmithing is the ability to write and to edit. It’s the skill of combinging creative writing with technical prowess. In simple terms it’s the ability to get the right words in the right place, with the right style. This means you get copy that is strategically developed to suit its purpose. It will be clear, engaging, and meet a specific goal. When a wordsmith is behind the reigns it’s better for your bottom line. 

When words fail you

It's time for R&R

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