Aussie Writing Services

Do you need Aussie writing services from a writer who understands that thongs go on your feet, prawns go on the barbie (not shrimp), knows when the arvo is and, most impotantly, who will fix your content when it’s clear as mud? Sure, you could get an AI bot to whip something up, or through a few dollars to someone overseas who doesn’t grasp the nuances of english, especially for an Aussie culture, but nothing beats the authentic deal.  

Kick back and let R&R Writing Services make sure your content suits the local Australian market.


Words that make people go WOW!
Turn “Buy my shoes for $50” into 
“Exceptionally comfortable shoes that will last at least ten years, for only $5 per year.”

Content Writing

No matter how complex or uninteresting your topic is, with quality content writing you can get clear, understandable, and engaging written information and advice.

Website Copy

No matter how fantastic your images are, it’s your words that really tell the story. 

Social Media Content

Caption, sell, engage and inform on the most interactive platforms available. 


Casual writing designed to entertain, delight, and engage with your audience through 300-2,000 word pieces designed to connect.


Generally More formal writing typically between 1,500 and 5,000 words long, designed to educate, advise and inform your reader. 

Ghost Writing

Many professionals are too busy providing their professional services to spend time writing the content needed to showcase their professional knowledge and expertise. As a ghost writer I will write the content that is published in your name. 

Creative Stories

Creative writing is essential in most written pieces, introducing a story that is resolved through a clear narration. However sometimes it’s literally to create a story that is customised for your requirements. 

Script Writing

Broaden your content through a written script for audio or video medium. I can even organise a professional voice over artist or video creator to complete the project for you. 

Professional Composition

If English isn’t your first language, or you just want to ensure you come across professionally in all written communication, check out my “Professional Composition” Services. 


When you’ve got content that needs to be refined, tweaked, merged, refocused, enhanced, or otherwise adjusted, just ask for editing. 

Business Documents, Policies & Procedures

Business Plans, Presentations, Knowledge Banks, Internatal Procedures & other business data.

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