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A wordsmith works with the written word. They are skilled at improving the clarity and style of the written word. The end result is clear, engaging content that suits the purpose of the text.

I am a wordsmith.

This means I can take what you need to say then ensure it is said with clarity and in an appropriate and engaging style that suits your needs. This includes creating written content from scratch, using research and ideas or editing existing pieces. As a wordsmith my focus is on enhancing the written word through editing and style refinement. This makes your content easier to read and more appealing to your audience.

Words are the tools of a wordsmith
Sometimes the right words are the simple ones

A Taste of R&R Writing Services

My name is Rebekah and I am R&R Writing Services. As a freelance writer I’m here to create and enhance written content for your needs. I understand the strategic value of using words that are clear, engaging and compelling. That means I know how to make content that works strategically and coherently. It’s about reaching the reader while working with requirements, such as SEO.

Like many individuals, including business owners, I am not particularly fond of figuring out how to toot my own horn. Although I can help solve your problem, I guess I just have to bite the bullet for my own page.

Crafting written content for your needs is my forte.

There are rules I follow to make each piece work. And there are rules I break, because sometimes that works too. I excel at research, idea generation, and creating content from scratch. Despite my love of sesquipedalia (long words) and a penchant for waffling for days, I am actually a skilled editor. I understand that sometimes simple is better. It just takes a different focus to make those careful tweaks.

A wordsmith is like a scrabble player. They take the jumbled mess of letters and form them into a useful tool
Scrabble Letters: Endless possibilities, some limitations

The Right Kind of Spice

It would be nice to say I can write anything for any format. Nice, but it’s not quite true. It’s kind of like trying to argue that you can use any spice for any dish. It just doesn’t quite work that way. It’s partly a matter of what works for specific dishes and what is just personal taste.

That said, I do have a wide range of skills, education and experience. While this means I can work with a wide range of requirements, it also means I realise how much more out there to understand. Then there’s my background, personal style, and personality. This fundamentally makes me more suited to certain types of writing. There will be times that I’m just not the right fit.

Of course there’s also the whole ethical line. For instance, don’t ask me to write your school assessments for you. The whole point of an assessment is to test what you know and how you present it. Also, if you’re part of some new cannibal movement and looking for a persuasive argument to make cannibalism legal, I’d probably have to decline. Just don’t bite my head off for saying so. (Then again if you’re looking a satirical take on this, I’d love to chew on it!)

All in all my life has been a very full and varied one. This is great for you. The breadth of experience and education is a real boon for my writing craft and the ancillary skills this requires. Unfortunately it is difficult to cover in a simple summary. So… if you’re keen to know more check out my hidden full meal bio. (I do love to write.)

Rebekah Batley. Wordsmith. Copywriter. Writer.
Rebekah Batley

Well, what are you waiting for? A written invitation? Contact me on Rebekah@rrwrite.com.au and let’s get the word out!