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I write the relatable and engaging content you need.

I was that nerdy kid. You know the one. The one the teacher often asked to tweak a project so they could demonstrate how to lift them from decent to exceptional. Now I use that talent to take your message and transform it into something that really speaks to your intended audience.  

That’s why I named my freelance writing business, R&R Writing Services. It’s my simple message to you. Aside from being based on my name, it’s a reminder. It reminds you that what I’m really giving you is the space to step away from the stress of getting the right words and just let me tell your story. 

Sometimes simple is best.  

Hi! I’m Rebekah, and I provide freelance professional writing services as R&R Writing Services. And I understand that sometimes it’s important to share more.

Creating clear written content as a genuine wordsmith, with a wealth of skills & experience

My goal is to provide authentic writing services with engaging content that is relatable & easy to read. To do that, it’s important that I attract clients that I can forge a strong relationship with. So let me introduce myself. 

I’m a well educated, homegrown Australian Mum, with a diverse background and a vast range of life experiences. I was raised traipsing across the Australian countryside, the oldest of 5 kids, and technically living under the poverty line. We moved a lot because my parents planted churches, restored communities, setup safe havens for people to break out of the trappings of poverty and addiction, and even started a fee-free private school.

This upbringing imbued an understanding of how amazing life really can be when we’re simply there to help each other out. Despite their financial lack, we never missed out. Sure, we didn’t have brand name clothing, or even our own bedrooms, but we never cared about that. We had a big family holiday every year or so, a home, food, education, and most importantly, a safe, loving family. It was normal to come home and find that someone had left a basket of food or an envelope of cash for us. Funnily enough this usually happened right when our cupboards were actually bare, or when Mum or Dad had handed over their last $20 to help someone else out. Since Dad was often not paid for his work, these gifts would come from friends, family, people he helped out, and sometimes even total strangers who would just show up saying they felt lead to give to us. You can probably understand why it’s pretty deeply ingrained in me that both giving and accepting help is an integral part of a successful life. 

One constant in my life has been the written word. I was always a natural with writing, and loved to devour books, day and night. It wasn’t unusual to find me still reading or writing away in the early hours of the morning. As long as I got up in the morning and could function for the day, my parents just let me be.

Unsurprisingly, education always came easily to me. I love to learn and I devoured studies in both formal education and through our family travels around Australia, even homeschooling from time to time. This meant it was natural for me to eventually pursue, and excel in, multiple degrees and post graduate studies. I couldn’t limit myself to just one field given the rang of interests I was drawn to as an adult. 

Unfortunately my core dream of becoming a mother didn’t come so easily. I would become a foster mother first, and have a hand in several charities providing services for single Mums and families in need. Then I would then become a step Mum to two amazing boys after marrying a kiwi. Finally, after a decade of infertility, I become pregnant. I loved being pregnant but struggled to believe it was real until I heard her loud cries as they pulled her out of me. I hated that she we had to have a c-section to get her out, but am extremely glad we have that techology to keep our children safe. Sadly, we lost our next child early in the pregnancy. The grief of that loss is still breaks my heart. However we were blessed to conceive a third time. This pregnancy brought a lot of struggles. I was now an overweight, geriatric, high risk, mother and was told I’d probably have to have another c-section. I struggled with anxiety, overwhelming claustrophia, and had consistent prodromal labour from 30 weeks until she was born, 2 days before her EDD. She was born in the middle of a cyclone, with doctors telling me she was still a week away, until she suddenly kicked it up a notch and surprised everyone by literally popping out after 3 pushes that my body just forced me to follow. Now I was the fulltime mother to two beautiful, crazy, adorable, infuriating, clever little girls. My whole world. 

Throughout these years I advanced my career as a Chartered Accountant and tax agent, however what I really loved doing was providing writing services as part of my role. I loved writing handbooks, articles, blogs, cases to the ATO, advice to clients, and stories to sell. After many years in big city and medium tier firms, working as CFO, running a weekend bookstore, and chairing boards for a number of charities, I concurrently started my own small business tax agency and freelance writing services.

In my freetime- scratch that. There’s not really any freetime between being up to my eyeballs in toys, elbow deep in projects to help people out, building my business to help others share and grow their passion, and dealing with a husband who is managing his bi-polar. Let’s just say, in the minutes I’m still functioning enough to put everything else aside, I love to write. Surprise, suprise, right! My favourite genre is science-fiction. I just love being able to explore a fantasy setting that is literally larger than life. 

There have been a lot of trials and tribulations in my life. But now is not the time to start airing them out. Although you I’ve touched on a few and if you can read between the lines you might pick out a few keys standouts. Let’s just say that life has been rich, hard, blessed, challenging, and rewarding. I’ve made my share of mistakes, learned the hard way to take a few steps back, and still struggle with all the same challenges that every one of us faces in our own way each day. That’s just part and parcel of life.  

I won’t be suitable for everyone. Writing is such a personal thing that it is impossible to pretend I could be. However I am adept at writing for a very wide range of requirements. My training has taught me that there are rules that make writing work. But my experience has shown me that sometimes breaking those rules makes it better. Understanding that combination is what ensures authentic writing blows all the other options out of the water. 

Now if you’ve read through this rather long “about me” speil, then you’ve tasted a sample of how I naturally write when I’m simply left to my own devices. No word limit. No sales pitch. No goal other than to invite you to get to know me a little bit. Simply Me. 

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me. 

Aussie- Mother- Wife- Business- Creative- Vast life experience- Christian- Educated- Authentic-Writer

B.Communications (Writing specialisation)

Blog and Article
Ghost Writer

Professional education & experience

Transform complex into clear

Enrich your platform with meaningful content

Ensure your copy is clear, relatable and understandable


I am a wordsmith. 

A wordsmith works with the written word. They are skilled at improving the clarity and style of the written word. The end result is clear, engaging content that suits the purpose of the text. 

You get content written with an appropriate, engaging style of writing to suit your needs. This makes your content easier to read and more appealing to your target audience. 

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Well Educated

Bachelor of Communciation (Writing, History & Advertising specialisations with Mass Communications major). 

Masters in Applied Taxation
Post Grad Diploma Prof Accounting (ICAA)
Bachelor of Business (Professional Accounting with sub majors in Business Law & Economics)
Certificate in Biblical Analysis of Economics

Bachelor of Counselling
Certificate in Advanced Reparative Parenting

Creative Writer

Even as a young child I would write stories for my siblings. My dream is to complete and publish science fiction/fantasy novels and to write a biopic about my less usual family life experiences.

A Regular Person

My first job working summers while I studied, was as an ice-cream taster, I mean, sales person. Believe it or not, it was that line in my resume that landed me a job as a Financial Manager… 

Writing Services for Mums in Business

Australian Local

Raised out in woop woop with an outdoor dunny and an ice-delivery cooled freezer, I’ve had my fair shake of Aussie life. Hubby’s a foreigner from across the ditch, but our half kiwi ankle biters aren’t half bad. At least, until late arvo when all bets are off and only the loudest gallah gets the attention. 

Skilled Multi-Tasker AKA Mother

My experience includes raising 2 bio kids, 2 step kids and 4 permanent foster kids, as well as a few more temporary foster kids and a couple of neighbourhood extras. You might as well conceed that I’m basically a super-human at this point.  

Business Professional

I am a tax agent & Chartered Accountant, with over 20 years experience helping build businesses, prepare reports, and analyse information. I have also managed a event’s based bookstore, worked as a CFO, and been the Treasurer on the board of a number of charities. 

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