Business documents require a certain level of expertise. The style of writing is more technical. It also requires an underlying knowledge of the business and it still needs to be clear and engaging. That’s why you need me. I am a writing expert with 20 years experience working in business. This means I have the skills and understanding required for a wide range of business documents.

I will be upfront and say that doesn’t mean I can do everything. As an accountant I have an ability to assist with business plans and proposals. This doesn’t mean I have the ability to write legal documents. I do, however, have a solution in most cases. That’s because I have a business relationship with A2 Workplace consulting. They can provide legal documents and support for your HR/IR and WHS situations. This means that when a unique document is required we can work together to provide a comprehesive document tailored to your business.

There are many different types of business documents that require refined writing services.
Ensure the writing on your business documents is clear and engaging.

Business Plans

Do you need a business plan for a new business? Perhaps you’ve been operating for a while and need a plan to obtain funding or expand? Well you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Get a business plan prepared by a qualified Chartered Accountant who also happens to be an expert writer. That way you’ll get a quality document with clear financials, a solid business foundation, and clear, persuasive wording.

Business Proposal Documents

When your business is making a pitch you want to make sure your wording is on target. This requires utilising the skills of a writer who understands your business and the aim of your proposal.

Writing for your business needs
Clear writing for your business

Grant Applications

Grant applications have very specific rules and requirements. When someone who knows the business well writes the application they often need tightening to fit in the word limits while sending the same message. This is where R&R Writing Services can help.

Procedure and Training Manuals

When it comes to writing procedures and training manuals it can be easy to get lost in the sheer magnitude of the task. As a qualified Chartered Accountant I have two decades of experience reviewing and even preparing such manuals from scratch. I can review your manuals to refine them, tighten them up, align them, and make sure they are clear.

Other Business Documents

It no longer surprises me when people come asking if I can help with some random document. Emails, memos, speeches, supporting documents for marketing materials, presentations, proposals, or some random title that a firm has completely made up. You’re the expert in your business. I’m just the expert in creating clear and engaging writing.