The Importance of getting your “About Me” right.

For company or personal profiles

Your “About Me” spiel can be the thing that convinces potential customers to trust you, or loses their interest. Depending on your business it’s also about helping filter potential customers to those who will properly align with your vision. 

Unfortunately, writing that “About Me” page can be one of the hardest things to nail down. How do you sum up your passion, the vision of your company, or the ethos of what you are about in a short paragraph, or even an entire web page? Then there’s the verbal form of your “About Me”, otherwise known as an “elevator pitch”, because it’s a quick go to speech to attract someone’s attention quickly. 

That’s what my “Fix My About Me” service is all about. 

I take your information, ask a few questions about your goal, your branding, and the image you want portrayed, and present it for you. 

Whether you’re just after a short paragraph or a full, persuasive website page, or an elevator pitch, I’m here to turn your ideas into the words you need. 

Check out some simple examples below:

About Me


Check out my own About Me page to see more.

Rebekah Writing Services

Kylie: Health Coach

Hi, I’m Kylie.
I inspire and empower women over forty to take control of their health and hormones, to regain their energy and vitality, to lose the diet mentality so they can nourish their body and mindset with foods and movement that works for them.

My Fix

Hi, I’m Kylie.
If you’re a woman over 40 then I’m here to inspire and empower you to take control of your health and hormones. This will give you the power to truly regain your energy and vitality. It means you can lose the damaging drain of the diet mentality, and instead nourish your body, and your mindset, with the foods and movements that really boost your life. Let me join with you on your journey, so we can celebrate your strengths together.

Client Feedback

THank you! That sounds 1000 times better!
You clearly have a talent for capturing the emotion, which is what people connect with.

Sophia Campbell-Johnson: Infertility Coach

I help women take back control of their life after pregnancy loss and infertility. through coaching, education and mindset work.Ready to infuse some mustard seed FAITH on your way to a miracle baby?

My Fix

Pregnancy loss and infertility are both dark clouds that can easily overwhelm your life. As too many of us know, the grief is very real. Take my hand and I’ll help you properly process the grief so you can stand up again. Then together we will break through the fog and find the path that empowers you to take back control of your life. You’ll receive coaching, education and carefully crafted mindset tools to ensure you can keep taking that next step.

Get ready to infuse some mustard seed FAITH with practical skills and actions. It’s time to embrace the journey towards your miracle baby!

Client Feedback

You really have a gift for this. You just flipped that and sold off the whole website. What services do you offer? Thank you is not even enough.

Ana: Attraction Marketer

I help everyday people to adapt to the digital world (the new normal) and see the benefits of having in control of their own time and creating a family lifestyle. See our business model and if you say yes this is right for me then let me take your hand and I will help you with your journey.Be a Digital Business Owner and take control of your freedom.

My Fix

When you cut to the chase most people look at going into business for two reasons: Financial security and personal freedom.

But it’s easy to hit a wall. You’re bombarded with a million different ideas of what is “right”. As you grasp hold of one thing, suddenly it changes again. Instead of living your dreams you’re trapped in a nightmare of frustrations that overwhelm you. You have no freedoms. Your passion dries up. And your finances are on shaky ground.

That’s where I come in. I’m the light that cuts through the fog to show you to safety. My goal is to show you how to take back control of your own time and create a family lifestyle that really works for you. So let’s have a chat. We’ll work out if digital business ownership is the right path for you and start laying the foundations for your success today.

Client’s Feedback

Wow you’re amazing Rebekah! Thank you so sooo much for sharing your talent with us. You better start your career in writing, you’re gifted.

Danielle: Garment Technologist

I’m Danielle – a garment technologist, mother and wife on a mission to mainstream African print clothes for babies and toddlers.

My dream is to make African print clothes, an easy out-of-the-closet choice when it comes to dressing your little loves on a daily basis.

Whether it is for play or sleep. I’m pretty obsessed with making clothes that works for baby and for our planet; why I design each piece with functionality, comfort & cuteness in mind, whilst making sure our supply chain is clean and responsible.

Petit Bei is an ethical brand that has sustainability as its core, giving you the opportunity to change the world with me, one garment at the time. With quality heirloom pieces that are not only to be used for a few months, but can be treasured and handed down to younger siblings, grandchildren or donated.

My inheritance of colour and powerful kaleidoscopic prints from the motherland is a part of me which I’m excited to pass on to my kids and to yours!

“Clothes are an essential part of who we are, how we express ourselvesand tell our story, regardless of age”. Danielle

My Fix

Hi, I’m Danielle.
When you buy from me, you are buying generations of passion, enjoying a rich cultural heritage that embraces beautiful design in both functionality and vision. My passion is to bring beautiful, functional, African print clothing for babies and toddlers into mainstream wear. That’s why the African print inspired clothing I create keeps your child as comfortable as they are gorgeous. 

You’ll have a super easy time making sure your child is dressed for any occasion, whether it’s play, sleep, or presentation, in these exceptionally made, African pattern designs. Imagine a closet full of everyday wear that gives your child the warm embrace of generations of love. That’s what you get with me.

The core of my design is functionality. Everything works for you, keeping your child perfectly playful, not just perfectly presented. Naturally each piece also comes with comfort and cuteness on the surface and is created through an ethically clean and responsible supply chain.

My passion for functionality and design is imbued with my inheritance of colour and powerful kaleidoscopic prints from the motherland. The clothing I design is as much a part of me as anything else in my life and it is pure joy to be able to share this piece of myself with you and your children.

You’re invited to join me and Petit Bei, an ethical brand with sustainability at its core, as we change the world for the better, one garment at a time. Stay comfortable, safe, and presentable, with quality heirloom pieces that will last for generations.

“Clothes are an essential part of who we are, how we express ourselves and tell our story, regardless of age”. Danielle

Client’s Feedback

You’re so gifted… wow!