Don’t go nuts figuring out the right wording. Trust someone who understands on both a personal and a professional level. Given the importance of this field you want to ensure you are working with someone who has more than just a cursory knowledge of the field. Here’s a glimpse at my personal and professional background when it comes to mental health, community services, and personal wellbeing.

  • Bachelor of Counselling
  • Certificate in Advanced Reparative Parenting
  • Married to a man with bipolar and social anxiety
  • Completed a counselling internship
  • Designed and ran two group counselling workshops, one focused on parenting children with additional needs, the second focused on dealing with daily stress and parenting through creative and educational therapies.
  • Several years as a live in youth worker in a group home and foster carer to high needs children suffering from emotional and developmental issues due to a history of trauma and abuse. I still provide some respite foster care.
  • Experience with ARFID
  • Personally went through anxiety based post-natal depression after the birth of my first daughter