It’s always fun explaining why your business exists. That is, if you like banging your head against the wall in order to come up with just the right thing to say. Hey… that’s actually why I’m here. So when you’re at a loss for words, you can have some R&R.
Make yourself clear

I could stop there, but this is all about writing, right. So let’s look at things a bit further. There are lots of ways to tell you why my business exists. The way I choose to tell you also doubles as insight into who I am and the experience you will have with me. Let’s looks specifically at copywriting, which is one of the services I provide. Consider the following:

This business exists so that I can offer you my copywriting services.

That’s pretty blunt right? It tells you some information, but it doesn’t really do much else. While it’s a true statement, it’s all about me and only vaguely hints at what I can do for you. If someone is specifically looking for copywriting services, then this may be all they need to know. But it’s just not going to be winning copy.

When you read that line did you feel like the service you would get would be blunt and perhaps lacking in that je ne sais quoi? That might be fine if you just want a sign that says “shoes for sale”, but you’re probably amongst the many businesses who really need more.

Let’s try the more usual sales verbiage:

Not sure if you need copywriting services? You’ve got a great product or service. You just need to get the word out. Sounds easy enough, so you write it up yourself. You get the right advise to ensure your targeting is on point. A clever designer has ensured the graphics look amazing. You roll out your advertisements, social media posts and marketing materials. Customers kind of, sort of, maybe… trickle in.

Unfortunately your viewers are confused. Everything looks great but they’re not sure exactly what you do. Furthermore they’re not really sold on why they need you. Perhaps they struggle to figure out how to get in touch with you.

That’s what copywriting is all about. Ensuring your viewers know that you can solve their problems and that it will be done in a professional, personal, fun, (or whatever personality you project) way. It also ensures they know how they can take advantage of your services.

Clear, engaging, persuasive copy is what helps bring in those leads and clients through your door.

Now we’ve got something more solid. This explains professional copywriting without just being a dry dictionary definition. It identifies where you’re having trouble and what copywriting does to solve your problem. Much more enticing right?

Or perhaps we could try something on the more cheeky, unconventional side:

You need copy, right? What?

No, not copyrighting. Copywriting. Right.

Huh? You don’t even know what copy is?

Well, other than replication, perhaps of someone’s backside, that is made on the office photocopier…

Copy, as a simple explaination, is written material. Like what you’re reading right now. That is, if you haven’t nodded off and gone to photocopy your backside on the office photocopier…

Copywriting specifically refers to the art of persuasion using the written word. This can apply to website copy, advertisements, brochures, presentations, whatever it is that you want to use to persuade someone. This is different to content writing, which is more about informing or educating someone without necessarily aiming to persuade them towards a specific outcome.


Yes I know you want to join in the fun of backside photocopying, but this is important. Your backside on a picture isn’t what will bring butts through the door. Good copywriting will. Though if that backside is particularly artistically done, then you may want some copyrighting advice. Sorry, I can’t help you with that one.

Quality copywriting. It’s what you need to bring more butts through the door.

Contact now to chat about your needs.

I absolutely promise I won’t waste time photocopying my backside. I don’t even have a copier…

In this piece we take a chance with some humour, while still clearly explaining what copywriting can do for you. Now if this is your kind of humour then it’s much more likely to persuade you to use my services. It makes you feel like we can connect and that there’s a real person, who loves to have a bit of fun, behind the scenes.

Let me know what personality you want to present and we’ll get cracking.