A Base of Education & Professional Experience

A Dash or So Of Education

Writing isn’t something I do just because I have a natural affinity for it. I have actual qualifications and all… In fact, I am a bit of a study fiend. To nerd it up a bit more, most of my degrees were overloaded so that I could squeeze in extra specialisations and classes. (Still holding down a Distinction average right across the board).

  • Bachelor of Communications (Mass Communications, Specialising in Writing, Advertising & History).
  • Bachelor of Counselling
  • Incomplete Bachelor of the Science of Psychology (I put this aside when I had my own kids. Partial study still counts right?)
  • Certificate in Reparative Parenting
  • Bachelor of Business (Major in Professional Accounting with sub-majors in Business Law and Economics)
  • Certificate in Biblical Analysis of Economics
  • Graduate Diploma Professional Accounting
  • Masters in Applied Taxation
  • Countless short courses and ongoing professional education

More Than A Pinch of Professional & Volunteer Experience

Most of my working background is as a professional accountant. While this might sound like an antithesis to a creative writer, it appealed to my logical side and I actually spent large chunks of this time writing. I wrote manuals, ATO appeals on complex grey areas, educational materials, complex written advice for clients, business plans, and whatever else I could get my hands on. Intermingled with this is, well, quite a lot actually. Here’s a snapshot.

My Professional Background Includes:

  • Registered Tax Agent
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Chartered Tax Advisor
  • Public Accountant
  • Board Member/Treasurer
  • Business Services Manager
  • Financial Manager
  • Small Business Owner & Operator
    • 4 years running a weekend/events based bookstore
    • R&R Tax Services since 2008
    • Freelance Writer (R&R Writing Services)
    • Supporting the hubby in social media management and content creation
  • Ice cream tester sales person (ah those bygone years of teenagehood)

My Community Work & Volunteer background includes:

  • Youth Worker for Out of Home Care Children
  • Foster Carer/Respite Carer
  • Counselling Intership
  • Group counselling event creator and facilitator
  • Founding Board Member on a number of charities including
    • Haven of Hope Australia Inc (Supporting single mothers at risk of government intervention)
    • Graceworx Inc (Intervening to stop the cycle of poverty & trauma)
  • Youth Leader/Children’s Church leader

A Hearty Mix of Clientele

Do you want to know if I’ve worked with organisations that are similiar organisations to your own? Unfortunately the list is too extensive! It includes a wide variety of clients including various individuals, professionals, tradies, entertainers, agriculture, media production, marketing, social media, real estate, family magazine, gossip magazines, charities, churches, individuals, and loads in various areas of the financial industry.

Topped off with Personal Flavourings

Great Big Dollops as a Parent & Carer

This is the most amazing life experience of them all. I am a Mum. Not only do I have 2 adorable little girls who are the joy, the exasperation, and the wonder of my life, I also have 2 amazing teenaged stepsons and have been the foster parent/big sister to a number of kids under government care. Officially I worked as a Youth Worker in out of home care for a few years before the children were moved to foster care with our family. I still call most of these people, now young adults, family.

Slices as a Wife

My husband thinks I am the most amazing, perfect wife in the world, despite my myriad imperfections. It’s not that he doesn’t see the imperfections, (he definitely sees them) he just loves that they’re part of who I am. I’m not so sure that my ex-husband would agree.

A Spiritual Stirring

Spirituality is important to me. Specifically my faith in Jesus Christ as creator and saviour. I believe in biblically based Christianity and love how faith a great blend of the heart, trust, knowledge, logic, and understanding. My parents are Christian ministers. As as PK I grew up learning the bible and going to church. (Since I love learning you might have guessed I’ve become pretty adept at biblical apologetics). It’s probably an odd thing to include in a business background. Religion (ugg I hate that word, but I’ll put up with it so far as it’s simply defined as believing in God) can cause extreme reactions. Wearing your faith on your sleeve tends to make people either love you or hate you. This is probably why it’s an aspect of a person’s life that is typically left out of their business bio. Arguably it’s irrelevant. Most of the work I do can be done regardless of belief or otherwise in the Spiritual. However it does form an important part of who I am and forms my moral basis of operations.

Sprinkles of Personal Beliefs, Skills and Interests

Don’t panic, I’m not going to list every single interest, skill, and belief that I have. It’s just fair to point out that I have them. For example while I firmly believe in absolutes, when it comes to the world around us there are also a lot of personal truths. I tend to approach things from an understanding that there’s often no black and white answer, and what works for one person won’t necessarily work for another. I firmly believe in absolutes. Just not when it comes to personal truths.

Mixing it All Together

If you’ve made it all the way through that then congratulations! You’ve either got an affinity for the written word as well, or I’m just that good…

Then again, maybe you just scrolled all the way to the bottom to see how the story ended…

Like many stories, it ends with a new beginning. So let’s get started. Message me at Rebekah@rrwrite.com.au