The joy of balancing work and family

Professional Writing Services for Mums in Business

How I Can Help You

There’s an old adage in business that “you get what you pay for”. It’s why you hire a professional for the important things, rather than falling onto a $5 cheapie who’s just trying to make a quick buck. However, when you’re starting out, balancing your home life with your business goals, your budget is usually tight. That’s why I have added budget solution options to my range of professional writing services for Mums in Business. 

Budget Writing Services

When you’re just starting out it’s important to balance the budget while presenting a professional front

Premium Writing Services

As your business grows it’s important to ensure you’re professionally showing your unique brand

Personal Writing Services

Not everything you need as a Mum has to do with your business. Ask me about additional writing services.

Starter Website Content

Single page, short form website content to get you onsite. Add pages as you grow. 

Curated Blog Options

Curating other blogs with a paragraph introducing or summarising this content is a great way to start providing something.

Clear Correspondence Retainer

Pick your importance correspondence requirements for a fixed monthly fee that helps keep you in your budget.

Customised Budget Writing Services for Mums in Business

These options help you out when you need content, but don’t yet have the money for full services. 

Simple Social Media Content

Pair stock or your own footage with short, clear, persuasive descriptions.

Basic Business Plan Package

A comprehensive business plan is expensive. A basic plan gives you just enough direction to get started. 

Dedicated Descriptions

Tweak & create a cohesive theme with your product & service descriptions with  individual or packaged writing services. 

Premium Writing Services for Mums in Business

For full service professional writing. 

Professional Website

An optimal website contains over 15 pages, with both short and long form content. Your website gives your customers a taste of who you are and draws them to make a purchase.

Premium Business Plan

Prepare a comprehensive business plan complete with persuasive presentation, financial assessment, branding story, and strategic planning.

Brilliant Blogs

Creating unique blog content exclusively for your business. I will research, write, optimise, and provide stock images for 300 – 3,000 word regular or irregular blogs. 

Complete Correspondence

Crafting clear, informative or persuasive communications to pivotal client correspondence and mass marketing materials on a once off or regular basis.