Sometimes seeing the opportunity is hard to do. Scratch that, sometimes it’s impossible. However, lucky for me, today was one of those possible times.

You see, I’ve been working on my website for the past few weeks. This means figuring out how to set it up and deciding what to write on it. Then, of course, changing my mind and trying again. You know how it goes when you’re tweaking things to be just the way you want, right?

Of course, one of my pages is a contact page. Makes sense. I mean, how am I going to get clients if they can’t even contact me? So I set that up and don’t think about it again as I keep plodding away on the rest of the site.

Seeing the Opportunity in New Messages

Anyway, that’s all just the setup for seeing my opportunity. You see, that’s because this opportunity came to me from that very contact page. It happened much faster than I expected it to. I woke up to not just 1, not even 2, but 3 whole messages. Yes, you read that right- 3 brand new messages. From MY brand new website’s contact form. It’s time to a little jig…

Seeing the opportunity makes me a do a little jig
Yeah, so I’m not really a dancer… little wave of the hand there, that’ll do

The blank message: So lost for words they clearly need R&R Writing Services

The first message was from someone who very desperately needed writing services. It wasn’t so much what they wrote that told me this, but what they didn’t write. The heading of their message said this:


They’d written that their name was:


And then biggest signal of all, the message of their body was COMPLETELY BLANK. Now if this wasn’t someone who was lost for words, then I don’t know who is. They definitely need some R&R writing services.

A blank message is an opportunity to provide some real writing services, right?
A blank message means they need help writing!

The help me get my money message: Technical task

The second message was from an unfortunate man whose client had discovered a rich deposit of gold, only to pass away. Unfortunately the client had died without a next of kin. This lead the man to kindly offer to make the next of kin.

Seeing as I’m a writer I could easily write up the details for this technical task. It just meant supplying all my private information and bank account authority. I mean, deals like this don’t come along all that often. What easier job is there than writing out your own private information?

Technical task. Writing can be about technical issues too.
Writing in the numbers

The me so bad writer message: In need of clarity

Finally, there was a message from a very confused soul. This person wrote a very badly worded message. It sounded like they were offering to provide web hosting and web content writing services. Clearly their writing was very confused. They couldn’t even articulate that they needed services and ended up sounding like they offered them.

What a great opportunity for me to provide clear copy.

Clear, engaging writing services. The best copy you can get.
When your writing is so confused that you need to go back to school

Onto the Next Opportunity…

So there you have it folks… three amazing opportunities to provide writing services. And all arriving in the one morning.

Unfortunately I hit the delete message on all three messages. Ooops…

Then I installed some spam filters. My bad.

I suppose I need to see a new opportunity now. Well, guess what. I did just that! My opportunity was in material to write for my very first blog. That’s a nice milestone for my new website. Thank you spammers! You made my day.

Now if you’re lost for words, have a technical task or otherwise need clarity in your writing, just remember R&R Writing Services. I’ll be right here, waiting to answer your genuine enquiry via my contact form.

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