Blogs and articles are staples for a freelance writer. With everyone online nowadays it’s important to have blogs that are SEO optimised, accurate, clear, and engaging. Whether you’re after a fluff piece or something comprensive and educational, you want it to be well written. It’s about creating great content for your business.

Well written blogs and articles bring in the money
Well written blogs & articles can really help your business grow

Why Do Need A Blog?

Blogs help your business grow by attracting an audience, building your credentials, and creating engagement. They’re a great way to express your thoughts as you educate, inform, advise, and persuade the reader as they become a part of your business. It’s also a way to tell your story, stand out from the crowd, and highlight your skills. All in all blogs are a great way to increase your opportunities to make money.

They can be relaxed and casual, formal and comprehensive, and in a wide range of formats. Essentially they are a window into who you are. They give readers a view of your personality, interests, and expertise. This helps them relate to you so that they remember you when they need your products or services.

Blogs also help with your SEO. A blog writer needs to know the keywords so that the piece can be optimised for internet searches. This way people are more likely to find the blog when they google.

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Blogging About It

When Do I Need Articles?

Articles are slightly different from blogs. They don’t typically need SEO keywords (although they may). Unlike blogs an article tends to focus on objective information. They’re not so much about personal thought but rather involve reports, information or statistics. Articles are also typically longer than blogs and often go through the hands of an independent editor before publication.

Since articles tend to be more professional in nature they’re used for official publications such as magazines and newspapers. If you have an online news site you might want to present your pieces as articles rather than blogs, to give them a little more credence.

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Getting Serious with an Article

Blurring the lines between blogs and articles

With internet use ever evolving, so too are the rules and lines around what makes a blog different to an article. Blogs can be longer than articles and just as serious in nature. Articles can be opinion pieces and may be posted online in a style that is SEO optimised.

The most important thing is that your written pieces accurately reflect your business and your readers find the pieces appealing in some way.

Either way, R&R Writing Services is here to assist. Get in touch today.