Compromise on price, not on quality, with budget writing services options.

When you’re just starting out, or balancing the kids around the need for an income, essential premium services can be out of reach. You could compromise on quality and resort to a cheap AI bot, or a $5 piece from a writer who isn’t familiar with Australian English. Or you could take advantage of high quality budget writing service options that get you there, step by step. Click on the icons to read more about each budget writing service option.

Starter website content

Single page, short form website content to get you onsite. Add pages as you grow. 

Curated blog options

Curating other blogs with a paragraph introducing or summarising this content.

Clear Correspondence retainer

Fixed monthly fee for managing important correspondence requirements. 

Simple social media content

Pair your footage with short, clear, persuasive descriptions and stories. 

Basic business plan package

A basic plan that keeps you on track and gives enough direction to get started. 

dedicated descriptions

Tweak & create a cohesive theme with persuasive product and service descriptions. 

Starter Website Content

If you don’t have a website then your business is missing out on a vital piece of professional presence. Did you know that over 60% of potential customers will not go through with a purchase if they can’t find the business website? Even a simple professional, single page can reassure potential customers and secure those extra sales.

For SEO purposes your website should have at least 15 pages complete with relevant and engaging copy. However when you’re working on a budget it’s important to take that initial first step rather than miss out completely.

Short form pages should have at least 300 words and long form or cornerstone content should have at least 1,500 words. Surprisingly the shorter pages can often be harder to write. When you don’t have as many words to play with, clear, concise, compelling copy is key. 

Upfront Pricing You Can Budget On

Fixed Fee Pricing for the Website content you need keeps you on budget

Basic Content
$ 180

Approx 300 words

  • Home, Content or Sales Page
  • Headings, Content & Descriptions
  • Clarity for a simple online presence
Cornerstone Content
$ 750

Approx 1,500 words

  • Detailed Pages
  • Headings, Content & Descriptions
  • Comprehensive online presence
  • Optimised for SEO
  • Highlight your story or expertise
“About Me” Paragraph
$ 99

Approx 150-200 words

  • Simple “About Me” paragragh
  • Highlight Your Essence

Clear Correspondence Retainer

Keep a clear, consistent, professional front with a Clear Correspondence Retainer. A customised quote will be provided based on your estimated ongoing correspondence needs and requirements.

Mass emails to update customers

Keep your customers up to date with changes, offers, and general business information

Respond to client complaints

Quick Turnaround for messages prepared to respond to client complaints

Social media messages

Respond to social media messages in a way that highlights your brand with your message

Quote requests

Standard and customised quotes to help you secure your sales when you need them


Provide an overview of your business with a basic business plan including: 

* Discussion to extrapolate the required information and vision of your business
* 1 page overview of the business
* 1 page overview of the business owners
* Basic Budget with 1 page explainer
* Simple SWOT Analysis
* Simple Marketing Strategy
* Simple Branding Presentation
* Simple 1 page focus pitch for your purpose

From as low as $350 (Depending on information inclusions and research/preparation requirements). 

Curated Blog Options

Build up an online presence for a low cost utilising a curated blog package. Low costs for a regular presence.

I will use your industry to find other blogs, articles and/or infographs that your customers might be interested in. Then I will summarise or introduce these pieces in a simple paragraph with reference to your business. Readers get the overview from your page and can click through the link to read all the details. 

It’s the budget way to ethically use other people’s work to help your business. It’s a win win situation as your link also helps boost their presence. Now you’re providing content on your page to help your customers and potential customers understand your value, without the premium cost of creating unique content.

$75 for a once off curated content piece

$65 a month to get regular monthly curated content.

$52 a piece when you sign up for 2 monthly curated content

Only $35 a piece to sign up for weekly curated content. 

Total Budgeting Offer

If something is worth doing right, then it’s worth investing in. Your business deserves professional quality, even if you’re not yet in a place to afford it. To help you get there, step by step, I’ve put together a Total Budgeting Package offer. Instead of paying for each service in a lump sum, you’ll be signing up to pay for services on a fixed monthly basis. As your payments are made you will accrue credits towards the writing services that you need. Simply order the writing service you require and apply your credits, and you’ll never have to worry about additional costs.

Use credits for ANY budget writing service when and as you need them, without worrying about breaking the budget. 

Tax Deductible (For Business purposes) – Stick to a budget – Earn bonus credits to spend as you save


$ 25

/ month

Simple credit accrual each month

Bonus 1% with every $500 saved

The budget friendly way to save up for what you need to pay for, at less than $1 a day. 


$ 60

/ month

Save up credits faster

Bonus 5% with every $500 credits saved

An affordable way to save up for the writing services you need at less than $2 a day.


$ 150

/ month

Quickly save up for premium services

Bonus 10% with every $500 credits saved

Stick to a clear budget while quickly saving towards premium services for only $4 a day.