Copywriting is the art of persuasive writing.
Copywriting gets the ball rolling

It’s about more than simple descriptions or informative content. (That’s what content writing is). There is a specific intent to persuade someone towards a desired outcome.

Example: Copywriting for a shoe store

Consider a business that is wanting to sell a pair of women’s shoes. You could, for instance, write a simple description in the hopes that this is what shoppers are wanting to buy…

Red 3 inch heels. $29.99

Or you could write a more informative and persuasive description…

Grab the most comfortable pair of 3 inch heels you’ve ever worn for only $29.99. The sleek dark red is professional and sassy, ensuring wearability for any occassion.

Or a longer piece that engages the reader in the story…

You’ll be tripping over your own feet to get into these classy, comfortable 3 inch heels. The stylish deep red is versitile enough for any event, while the smooth contours are designed for everyday wear. This means you can be classy and comfortable, whether you’re wearing them for a day at work or a playdate. At only $29.99 this is a surefoot bargain.

While there’s not exactly a black and white formula to follow, there are styles that work and styles that don’t. It’s all about selling the benefit of the product more than it is about providing a simple description. That’s because you want people to understand the benefit of what you’re selling. When they do they’re far more likely to realise that it’s exactly what they need.

An example of copywriting using the sale of shoes
Kick back with a great copywriter

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Strategic Copywriter

Copywriting is about strategically wording information to highlight how it meets a need and why it works. That’s why you’ll often see copywriters referring to themselves as “strategic copywriters”. After all, finding the words that work is what copywriting is really all about.

This wouldn’t be copywriting if I didn’t finish off by pointing out that showcasing your personality and highlighting how your product or service solves your client’s problems, is exactly what you need. This means you need a copywriter. Contact me to dicuss your requirements today.