I have a very important question for you:

Are you after a writing expert or an expert in your industry who can write well?

The answer to that really depends on what type of writing services you require. Most of the time the written word requires a writing expert. I’ve surprised more than one client with my ability to assess what they need and write it up well.

See for yourself:

“ Our business has engaged Rebekah to write articles and website content. Her work is remarkable. Without being qualified in our business area,  her writing is of such a high standard and the content is engaging. She is flexible, has great ideas and is an expert in this area.  Our company has only praise for Rebekah’s work and we look forward to a long working relationship.”

Susan, Company Owner, Sydney CBD

and another one…

“One word… PERFECT!! Rebekah has taken a topic that she was not familiar with and has written a masterpiece. Will continue to use her for all future work. Very thorough and excellent with communication as well. If you need anything written.. she is deinitely the one to write it!”

Jahleel K.

Another one of my long term clients is a cleaning company. Now I know nothing about cleaning. It’s not my forte at all. Yet every month I manage to knock out a blog that my client loves. It’s easy when you know how to research, utilise personal thoughts on the topic and approach things from a different angle.

All in all when you want something written well then you want a writing expert. That’s me! As long as I’m provided with the information or it’s simple enough to research, then as a writing expert I can create what you need.

However, sometimes you want someone who really knows what they are talking about to create well written, informative content about your industry from scratch. This is important when you’re after blogs or articles that require an indepth or underlying knowledge of the topic in order to ensure the information is accurate and clear.

That’s why I also open up about which fields I am particularly familiar with. If you’re after someone with a background that matches your needs, then this gives you the opportunity to check. If your industry is not specified, feel free to ask. We’ll work out whether R&R Writing Services is the right fit for your needs.