Creative writing is a serious business. Whether you’re following the rules, or breaking them, a writer always does better when they can tap into the bubble of ideas. That’s why every writer has a healthy dose of imagination up their sleeve.

Creative writing adds a little flair to your day
Creative writing makes the ordinary extraordinary

Where is Creative Writing Useful?

Do you need something written? Creative writing can help. It’s pretty much that simple. A dull document can be livened up with a splash of creativity. Boring lists can dance off the page when you dose them with imagination. Whether you need to raise the drama or spread the laughs, you want someone with some lateral thinking on your team.

Creative writing can add a form of humour.
Words that make you laugh


When people think of creative writing they often think of stories. Do you want me to write you a story? I’d be happy to. I’ll make up one now…


Julie sighed as she put down the paper. There was nothing that frustrated her more than bad editing. The article had been perfect when she’d written it. It showed readers a window into the world. From the frustrations of travelling in economy to the thrill of climbing, she has encapsulated the experience in a way that allowed the reader to live through the journey. Now, in an effort to keep it insanely short, her perfect piece had been edited to obliteration. Half the sentences didn’t even make sense anymore.

She sighed again. A distant chirpping reminded her that she couldn’t stay at her kitchen table all day. The sun was already sneaking through the blinds, threatening to turn the house into a hotbox. Slowly, weerily, Julie made her way over to the curtain. She pulled the drap down further, blocking the light that was threatening to enter her little world. Then, with a flick of her wrist she turned on the air conditioner.

Each footstep was more like a shuffle as she made her way to the couch. It was her sanctuary. The place where she could stay in her pajamas and snuggle up with some cushions. She wouldn’t even get up to answer the door when the bell rang. While she typed about travels and adventures that others had, experiencing the world through their eyes, she didn’t have any inclination of joining them. With the ability to get her shopping delivered she didn’t even have to take a single step outdoors anymore.

One day, maybe, she would step outside again. That is, if the wide open spaces stopped being so unbearable. But for now she would stay. Safe inside her home. Comfortable on her couch. Just letting her fingers explore the world around her with the words they created.


That was fun! Have you got the next challenge for me?

Other Purposes for Creative Writing

Have you ever wanted to have product descriptions that stand out? Instead of just saying a second hand bag is leather and red you want to tell a story. Let’s call this the weather worn bag… As a seasoned traveller this bag is the perfect companion for your next journey. It will hold the heavy load for you and stuff the maps down its shirt so you can keep your hands free. When it’s hot this bag will help you keep your cool. In the cold this bag will warm you up. It’s an accessory that weather’s any storm. Except literal storms. Unfortunately it’s not water proof.

Ok so maybe you don’t want to end on a negative, unless you’re really trying to paint your brand as a little bit daring with a dose of crazy. Hey, it could be fun.

Seriously though, even a simple description utilises creative skills. It’s not just about being entertaining. Although that is a lot of fun.

A creative writer doesn't want their words to fall flat
A lack of creative writing means words fall flat


Wedding Speeches are the first thing that comes to mind when I think about people seeking a fun writer. Of course there’s also graduations, anniversaries, and celebrations for achievements. Business people also need speeches. They want short pitches to use and presentations to give.

Speech writing is different to writing for readers. While good writing emulates the way we talk, there are always differences. A 30 second speech may seem short but it can actually take an hour or even longer to prepare. You research, write, test, and refine. Pauses for effect need to be timed. Adjustments need to be made for natural word flow. It reminds me of cooking. You spend countless hours shopping, cutting, prepping, cooking, displaying and finally serving. Then it’s all wolfed down in mere moments. The only difference is that I love writing. I’m not such a fan of cooking…

Writing for speeches. Wedding speeches. Celebration speeches. Business pitches.
Wedding Speeches are just one type of speech that people engage writers to assist with


Most people enjoy humour. That’s why I like to incorporate a few laughs when I write. Whether it’s subtle humour in a professional piece or blatant grabs for a laugh, it’s always fun. That’s probably why I tend to describe my default writing style as relaxed professionalism. While I do adapt to the needs of the situation, it’s just how I roll.

So to test whether anyone is reading any of these long pages I’m going to do a little experiment. Send me a message through my contact page with the subject heading “Bananas”. I’ll write two website pages for the price of one- provided you are wanting a bit of humour thrown in. Hey, there’s got to be a catch right?

Thanks for working with me!

If you want to see how humour can be used to write about the business stuff, check out my Business Stuff page.