Website copy

Getting your website copy right is important. Your webpage is the online door to your business world. It informs your potential customers about what you do, explains why you’re a great choice, and persuades them to take the next step.
Clear, engaging copy gets the ball rolling

Item or Service Descriptions

The way you describe the items or services you sell changes everything.

Your descriptions provide information to help browsers make a decision, and when done well, help persuade them to become customers.

Types of Website Copy

Consider the types of website copy to describe a copywriting service.

1- Lazy Copy


I do website copy


Lazy copy is, well it’s bad. It’s overly simplified and often poorly written. By failing to provide clear information it fails to properly engage the audience. It’s definitely not persuasive. Alternatively it’s just a bunch of text filled with keywords like copywriting, Australian copywriter, website copywriter… blah blah blah, that helps boost your SEO ranking, but fails to do anything for the actual reader.

FYI: This is totally not the type of copy I will provide. (I tried to write “totes not” but I just couldn’t do it.) Well, except maybe after being up all night with sick kids. Hey, noone’s perfect…

Lazy website copy. When the website copy is overly simplified and doesn't provide enough information, engagement, clarity or persuasion
Lazy copy: Just write whatever. Toss in a keyword. Copywriting.

2- Hard Sell Copy


Do you need a fast acting, long-term solution for your stalling website? In the right hands copywriting is a magic wand that will get your business turning.

You know that perfect website copy consistently converts your viewers into customers and your copy just isn’t pulling its weight. Somehow you’ve got to find that sweet spot that reels people in so that they have no choice but to do business with with you. That’s where I come in.

I am your magic wand. I find the words that you need for your website.

Your items or services will be irresistable once I weave my magic.

In fact, when you use my copywriting services you’ll have premium choice over who you work with. Imagine having to turn people away because demand is just so high. Now let’s turn this dream into a reality.

The great news is that you’ve found me. The solution is right in front of you. The bad news is that I’ve only got room for two more clients this year. You heard that right! Just 2.

Make sure you secure your spot. Contact me immediately to take your business from bust to boom. Who knows when a gap will free up again.

Well, what are you waiting for? You don’t want your rival to be the one who steals your spot. Hit that contact button NOW!


Hard sell copy piles on the pressure. It offers too good to be true solutions and taps into your fear of missing out. Fancy talk to win you over and get you to act irrationally. It is dripping with just a little more oomph than persuasion.

A lot of online businesses use this style because it works. People get caught up in the amazing promises and stirred up by the hurry. In fact most advertising uses some elements of the hard sell to get their point across.

But here’s the thing. Hard sell copy doesn’t work for everyone. It will get some clients through the door, but they may not be your ideal clients. If they are, you better be able to back up those extreme promises or you’ll be going bust before you can even say boom.

Personally, I’m not a fan of this style of copy. I don’t like unrealistic promises and it’s uncouth to pit people against each other like all that matters is winning a rat race.

So… if you want someone to just spin some hard sell copy then you might want to look elsewhere.

Unless of course you act now. For the next 2 minutes only I’m loosening my fingers to pump out the most amazing hard sell copy you’ve ever seen. Noone else in the world knows how effective this is. It seriously drives people insane, sending them straight to your business door. I know it works because it’s how I made my first million in my very first week of business.

Come on, hit that contact button and be one of the only businesses in the world to secure this opportunity. By the time you log off this deal will be gone forever. Contact me know and start turning over the cash!

Hard Sell Copy: Full of unbelievable promise and a need to act fast.

3- Genuine Copywriting


You’ve got a business with a top quality product or service. It hasn’t taken you long to realise that you need to be online to really get anywhere in the current market. So you organised a website. It looks beautiful. The logo and colours are perfect. Your details are there, along with pictures of your product.

Writing about what you do should be easy, right? After all, you are the expert.

But somehow it’s just not working.

Someone mentions that you need to use keywords. After a bit of googling you take a stab at what this means and load your page with words that relate to your business.

That phone still doesn’t ring.

Your analytics tell you that people are coming to your website, they’re just not converting.

It turns out that visitors are confused by your website. Your services aren’t really clear. Your products don’t stand out from all the other products on the marketplace.

That’s why you need my copywriting services. I will get your website copy sorted. It will be clear, engaging, and persuasive enough to convert those visitors into leads.

Contact me today to discuss a plan that works for you.


Genuine copywriting addresses the pain points of your clients and tells you how you can resolve them. It is clear, engaging, and persuasive, without going over the top.

There are no outrageous promises, no attempt to make it a battleground between you and your competitors, and unrealistic pressure preying on your fear of missing out. You don’t have to act right now or miss out forever, you can think about the service being offered and make an informed, considered choice. It might even be more personable to open the pathway to creating a connection between the reader and the business.

There may be wrong ways to prepare genuine website copy, but there are also a lot of different right ways.

Clear copywriting. Engaging website copy for a genuine result.
Genuine copywriting: Keeping it real and offering honest solutions

4- To The Point Copywriting


Clear, direct website copy. I will keep it short and sharp, using clear and purposeful descriptions to convert your leads into customers.


Sometimes you only need to say a little. That’s because less really can be more, and a lot of people have short attention spans. At least, they do in certain situations. Your business may also be one where your pictures really do the talking.

Website copy doesn't have to be extensive. Sometimes short, sharp and to the point is all that is needed. It depends on your business and your ideal audience.
To The Point Copywriting: When your words are just some spice.

Website Copy Provides Clarity For Your Customers

Whatever style of website copywriting is used, whether it’s serious and professional, humourous and light, or a full on sales pitch, make sure it’s right for your business. Your message needs to be clear if you’re going to attract your ideal client to your business and give them a chance to become raving fans.
Make your message clear