The importance of "About Me". This blog is about whether an About Me Page is Important.

If you’re getting your website set up you might be wondering if your “About Me” page is important. While there are those who say it’s completely unnecessary, there are others who say this page is pivotal. In reality, it depends. It depends on your business and your business strategy just as much as it depends on which clients you are reaching and what speaks to them. For some customers the About Me page is where they go to confirm that you are trustworthy, skilled and reliable. For others, it’s unnecessary information that won’t impact their decision to purchase your products or services. However, when it is important to have a “About Me” page, it’s even more important that you get the content of your “About Me” right.

If you are missing an About Me page, or worse, have a confusing About Me story, it’s time to get this fixed.

Check out these five reasons that explain why your “About Me” page is important. Then take a look at the key information to include and what to exclude.

Reason 1: You Are Creating Trust

Your “About Me” page is important because it adds to the connection that builds trust between you and your audience. When people shop from a big name brand they are shopping from a brand that they trust. However, when it comes to small businesses they are less likely to know your brand. Your “About Me” page is an introduction to your brand, your business, and you. You can do this by showing off you and your family, your business journey, or focusing on your product or service.

Reason 2: It Helps Customers Connect With You

Customers who connect with you, align with your values, or relate to your story, are far more likely to become loyal customers. While it may just be one piece of the story, your “About Me” page is an important one because it is specifally designed to facilitate that connection.

Reason 3: You Are Showcasing Your Personality

Your “About Me” page is an important place to show off your personality. Even in a more formal or professional business page you can opt for a more relaxed style on this page. While some professional prefer to stick to a formal style throughout the whole site, others take this opportunity to show more of their human side. Whatever style you choose, it is important that it fits in with your brand image.

Reason 4: It’s a Key Opportunity To Explain How You Can Help Them

Your “About Me” page is not just there to be an entertaining story. It’s not even just a place to build connections. A quality “About Me” page is also there to give your customers confidence that you are the right choice to help them. Your skills, experience, passion, or the journey your business has taken, all work together to explain how you can help the reader.

Reason 5: Your “About Me” Page is an important sales page

When you combine all the elements of your “About Me” page it is easy to understand why it is important. Each reason underpins the entire purpose of your website. Of course, that purpose is to sell. Trust, connection, personality, help, and everything in between, all combined to help you sell through your business. While your About Me is not a direct sales page, the story you tell on it helps your business makes sales.

Your About Me page is important because it is a window into your business.
Let customers get a look into who you are and/or what your business is about

Key Information To Include To Ensure Your About Me Page is Important

The exact inclusions you need will depend on the nature of your business and your marketing strategy. You can have a page that focuses solely on the business history, promises, and goals. Alternatively you can have a page that focuses on your personal history, experience and underlying drive for creating the business. Regardless of what your contect focuses on, you should include the following:

  • Information about where the business comes from.
  • Important goals, values, or promises relating to the business.
  • Evidence that your business is the right one for the customer to buy from
  • A style that emphasises the character and style of your brand
  • A hook to intrigue them into connecting with your business

What Your “About Me” Page Isn’t About

When all is said and done it is as easy to get it wrong as it is to miss it completely. Unfortunately, getting it wrong can actually be worse than ommitting it. This is because a poorly constructed page can put clients off your business. Given how different each business is it can be difficult to identify what your particular business should avoid. However there are a few key points that definitely tip into the “don’t do” category:

  • Poor spelling. If errors jump out at your readers they are instinctively less likley to trust your business.
  • Your Personal Novel. While there is definitely room to write about yourself, and often it is important to, you need to find the right balance. Your page needs to sell you in so far as you represent your business. Irrelevant personal data should be limited to avoid detracting from the main point of your page.
  • A generic “My Business Is Great” Pitch. Do not copy and paste someone else’s story. Don’t get AI to write it for you. This page is as personal as it is important. Avoid relying on buzz words to tell your story. This needs to be written by someone who can convey the nuances of who you are and what you offer. It needs to be a cohesive component of your overall website, sharing content that is meaningful and compelling.
  • You. Wait, what? Isn’t it all about you? Check the next point to understand what I mean…

It’s Not About You

Your About Me Page is Important because it’s about you. But- it loses all meaning if it is literally only about you. The key is ensuring that your contect builds a connection that explains how your business is about them. If your customer doesn’t come away with an understanding of how they can connect with, relate to, or utilise your business, then you have missed the point.

Consider the following:

The Importance of not having a poorly written All About Me Page:

I started my business in 2000 because I love the colour pink and my little sister believed in me.

This sentence gives bland information about when the business started and vague personal information that doesn’t really tell us anything. It’s personal but boring and largely irrelevant.

Clearer Content:

In 2000 I turned my love of the colour pink into a pallette of gorgeous, comfortable baby clothing that suit your climate. With the support of an amazing family, a journey of trial and error, and a determination to create a useful product, my business continued to grow.

Now we have a sentance that still conveys the same personal information, but does so in a way that both directly and indirectly highlights how this information is meaningful for the reader. A business established in 2000 shows that it’s been around for a while. The personal drive for the business is not just a personal fact, it’s a passion that drives the creation of a desirable product. In the first sentance you probably raised your eyebrow when you read “my little sister believed in me.” ok… But in the restructured sentence family support forms part of the journey of building a successful business that provides a useful product for the reader. This helps build connection, compassion, and confidence.

Give your readers the right insight
A look through the right lens for your business, makes a world of difference.

A Final Word

There are many ways to get this page of your website right. But there are also many ways to get it wrong. Knowing who you are and who your audience are is key. Sometimes being so closely connected to your business can make it difficult to take that objective stance to work out how to make this page really work for you. That’s why I have a service specifically designed to Fix this page for you. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a few sentances, one paragraph, or cornerstone content. Ensure your page matters.

Follow me at R&R Writing Services to read more or contact me to book a Fix for your About Me.

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